Top Hostels in China for Traveling Canadians

For avid yet budget-minded Canadian travelers, hostels are indispensable for overnight lodging.  For those who plan to explore China, this article will assist you with what to look for in seeking the top hostels in China.

Hotels vs Hostels

For many experienced Canadian travelers, planning to travel abroad includes the choice between hotel or hostel for lodging. For economy, hostels are by far the thriftier choice. Hotels can be as much as 7 times more pricey; even the ‘economy’ priced hotels cost far more. What hostels sacrifice in privacy and other amenities, they more than make up for with economically-conscious travelers. For those that require simple lodging, a bed (with or without linen provided), some storage for backpacks and belongings, a clean place to freshen up and bare bones eating arrangements, hostels are the perfect choice.



Hostels are generally dorm-style rooming, so you’ll share a room with other travelers and it’s a great way to meet others and share info about sights to see, places to eat, along with cultural tidbits that may assist you in your stay in China.

Frills vs No Frills

Hostels tend to be no frills. You’ll get a bed, linen (usually), a place to shower and attend to bodily matters and some rudimentary cooking facilities. Hotels, on the other hand, offer a lot of amenities that lots of people don’t partake in but pay for anyway.  With hostels, you pay for what you get: overnight accommodations and an opportunity to rest and freshen up.

Kitchen or Dining

Many good hostels have a kitchen available which allows you to eat inexpensively. You can buy local groceries, cook them yourself and/or share resources with other hostel roommates, which is another good way to make new connections. This is a great way to get the feel of a place.

Meeting People from Diverse Cultures

Lodging at hostels can invite awesome social interactions with people from all over the world. Fellow travelers to share stories with, tips and insights into the local culture and possibly make lifelong friends. Hotels, however, can be socially antiseptic, very little interaction with other visitors. Hostels are fantastic social incubators.


Canadians Looking for Guidance on Travel Abroad

We at can assist you in every aspect of your international travel plans, be it to China, India, Europe or anywhere in the world. Whether you’ll be backpacking the globe for a year or making a business trip for a few weeks, we’ll support in your needs for visas, travel arrangements and lodging. If you’re looking for the top hostels in China, let us assist you with any travel concerns that you may have.