Trans-Canada Roadtrip!

So I’ve done a lot of travelling…Probably around 50-60 countries now and I’ve lived in a few for extended periods as well. This got me to thinking – I’ve never really seen that much of Canada! I’ve seen most of southern Ontario, and BC, but that’s about it. Well, that’s about to change. A friend of mine out in Victoria has to move out to the east coast, and asked if I’d go on the drive with him. Since his company is paying for it, absolutely! 🙂 So finally I’ll be able to make the Great Canadian road-trip and take the trans-canada from coast to coast. Considering I’ve seen more of Russia at this point than I have of our own backyard, I’m really looking forward to this. As a result, I will probably not be too available over the next month or so, but the site will keep chugging along.