The Best Hostels in Chicago for Travelling Canadians

Anyone travelling to Chicago for the first time will want to be sure to find and book good accommodations beforehand. Fortunately, there are many hostels in the city to choose from, making it easy for anyone to find a hostel in the area of his or her choice for a good price.


Finding the Best Hostels in Chicago

Following is a list of some of the best hostels in Chicago:

Urban Holiday Lofts

Urban Holiday Lofts is a relatively new hostel in the city, but it has already gotten rave reviews from those who have stayed there. It is clean, safe and offers various accommodation options such as shared dorms, private rooms with shared bathrooms and private rooms with private bathrooms. Breakfast is complementary, the staff is friendly and helpful and the hostel has numerous amenities such as free bicycle parking, Wi-Fi, tourist desk and cable TV.

Chicago Getaway Hostel

This particular hostel is well known in the city and more than one travel website has rated it as one of the top three hostels in Chicago. The hostel offers nearly all the features and amenities that one would expect from a modern hostel, plus a gourmet kitchen, modern common areas with board games, book exchange and Wii. The only downside to staying at this place is the fact that it is a bit far from popular tourist attractions.

H.I Chicago Hostel

Those who are looking for a hostel in the heart of the city will find that the H.I. Chicago Hostel is an ideal place to stay. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the hostel offers a person the opportunity to get to know fellow travelers.

H.I. Chicago Hostel has a safe, contemporary atmosphere that is sure to make a person’s stay in Chicago relaxed and enjoyable. This particular hostel stands out because, unlike many other hostels in the city, it offers wheelchair accessibility features for those who are physically disabled.

More Information on Booking a Hostel in Chicago

  • Always book a hostel ahead of time, as doing so is cheaper than booking a room upon arrival in the city.
  • Check the cancellation rules. Most hostels have a two day cancellation policy but some have a one day cancellation policy.
  • Hostels require a traveler to show either a foreign passport or some other acceptable form of picture I.D.
  • Many hostels apply a tax of over 16% to the listed price


Chicago is a fascinating city and those who visit are sure to remember the experience for a long time. Booking the right hostel in town can help a person to have a relaxed, safe and enjoyable time in the city. Those in need of other travel related services should be sure to check out, as the site has many helpful tips for both new and experienced Canadian travelers.