Finding the Best Hostel in the UK for Traveling Canadians

Hostels in the UK were at one time considered dismal unaccommodating punishments for not having enough money for a hotel room.  They were little more than cold water dorms that demanded lights out at 10pm and lodgers drying their hand washed clothes on tepid radiators. This was not that long ago. But hostels in the UK are making fortuitous strides in hostel hospitality. According to the ratings of 800,000 travelers since 2007 some UK hostels are becoming world-class. This article will examine a few of these.

Best Hostel in UK for Traveling Canadians

Riverhouse Backpackers is challenging the world celebrated hostels in Lisbon, Portugal for quality. Outside of Lisbon’s hostels; Riverhouse Backpackers is the best hostel in the world. It was selected as having the best staff that will make your stay in the center city a memorable experience. Their facilities are numerous and top notch, you can even have your bicycle repaired or rent one.


Downhill Hostel, Castlerock, Northern, Ireland

This is a charming isolated villa nestled under the cliffs. It gazes lovingly over a country rail line toward the most expansive beach on the northern coast of Ireland, and on to the Atlantic Ocean. The interior gives one the feel of being an honored guest in a cozy home. You’ll almost want to forego sight seeing and just cozy up with a book or simply let the views mesmerize you.

Kipps Independent Hostel, Canterbury, England

This Victorian townhouse which is just 10 minutes walking time from Canterbury Cathedral. Close to the border and Dover’s ferries or Ashford’s eurostar connection. This hostel has events every night; like Luigi’s free pizza and sing along evenings, free Wii and pancakes on Tuesdays.

Castle Rock Hostel, Edinburgh, Scotland

A palatial hostel with it foundations secured deeply into the rock that this Scottish capitols famous fortress is built on; this hostel is elegant and austere, a lot like the UK. There are outstanding views out over the city, a real fire in the lounge’s fireplace. On Thursdays The Castle Rock has a free pub crawl and a free walking tour of the city every day.

Skyewalker Hostel, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skyewalker is formerly a village school building; the owners of Skyewalker are musicians of note who encourage guests to bring their own instruments for a play along and evening jam. Nestled in Cuillen hills on the breathtaking Minginish peninsula the Skyewalker has spacious grounds, a glasshouse and a campsite.


When you decide to visit the UK and explore it’s charms allow us to assist you with any visas or entry paperwork that may be necessary. We can also aid you in planning and scheduling your trip; so you will see firsthand the best hostel in UK.