Top 5 Cheap and Exotic Cities for Canadian Expats

Millions of Canadians of all age groups are spending a significant amount of time in different parts of the world outside of Canada. While those over the age of 55 do so to enjoy their retired years on beaches and other hot spots in the best cities for expats, others make these cities their home to do business. The rising cost of living and an unsteady economy is encouraging many Canadians to find a new home.

An increasing number of youngsters are moving to far off cities to start a new life. The Internet has enabled them to pursue their business interests even if they are not physically present at their home in Canada.

Top Cities for Expats

The Latin American country Mexico is one of the leading cities that Canadians have chosen to be their home. Some of the cities that have attracted a large number of Canadians include Hualtulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. The direct flights to these cities make them even more popular. The real estate prices are comparatively cheaper and make it an ideal place to live.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its low health cost, political climate and easy and comfortable living has made it very popular among Canadian expats. The local citizens, the high literacy rate and conducive environment, has made it a very welcoming place. The country offers all that they look for and meets their expectations.


Panama, called the Hong Kong of Central America, is similar to Costa Rica in many ways. Pensioners and retired elders are moving to this central American country to relax on the beautiful beaches and unwind amidst the beautiful rain forests. The cities bustle with activity and the coastal towns offers tranquility and relaxation.

Best European Cities for Expats

Canadians are also traveling across the Atlantic to European cities to make it their home. Europe has the largest number of Canadian Expats. The best cities for Canadian expats include:


Spain is the country that tops the list as the rentals are affordable. Barcelona and Madrid are fast becoming ideal cities to have a long vacation for Canadians. The health care coverage is similar to what it is in Canada, and this has made it very attractive.


Portugal is another European country that is attracting a large number of Canadians. It is highly affordable, the climatic conditions are ideal and the quality of life is high. The locals speak English and this makes communication easy.  The expats get to relax in numerous exotic locations and enjoy a range of leisure activities.

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