Eurail Passes

The following is a list of various Eurail passes / Eurorail passes, ideal for backpacking in Europe. Eurail passes are amazing deals, every time I’ve been in Europe I’ve purchased one. Great deals and the train is a great place to meet others who are travelling by Eurail (also known as Eurorail). The prices listed are subject to change. Again, I strongly recommend these Eurail passes. Check out the available options and purchase the Eurail pass that’s best for you.

Eurorail & Eurail Passes online

Multiple Country Eurail / Eurorail Passes
Multiple Country Eurail Passes: create your own pass
Eurail Pass: The best way to get around Europe
Eurail Selectpass (3 countries), as low as $243

Europass (5 countries), as low as $253
Eurostar – Breakfast in London and Lunch in Paris
Paris to Venice in your Pajamas. Sleeper trains from Rail Europe.

Country Specific Eurail / Eurorail Passes
Single Eurail Country Passes: choose your country in Europe

France Railpass: the best way to see France!
British Rail Products: BritRail, Freedom of Scotland & more
Swiss Pass: take the most spectacular rail trips in the World

Eurail also now offers many more passes and options to plan your European vacation. You can now purchase Eurail Saver Passes that include countries like Bulgaria, Serbia / Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and other Eastern European coutries that weren’t included previously.

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Check out the Backpacking Europe section for more information about Eurail passes / train travel and backpacking in Europe.

Find Cheap Eurorail / Eurail Passes and Tickets

European Train Schedules

New! Eurail / Eurorail train schedules courtesy of Deutsche Bahn. Just pop in your destination and departure points and you’ll get your itinerary. Check it out here:
Deutsche Bahn – European Rail Schedules

Directory of European Railway Websites
The link below will provide you with a full listing of European railways and their websites.
Directory of European Train Service Websites