Little Known Benefits of Canadian Expatriate Communities

Many expatriate communities exist to aid in the settling portion while keeping one proudly connected to Canada. Involvement in a Canadian Expat Network is one of the most valuable tools to stay informed on expat challenges and Canadian news while globally on the go.

Expatriate Communities Around the Globe

Estimated in 2012, there were roughly two million Canadians living in the United States alone. However, inspiring and growing expat groups can be found in several locations worldwide. The common necessity for social connections or business opportunities spread through social media outlets as well as word of mouth, leading to an initiation and constant expansion of these expatriate communities.

Benefits to Expat Networking

  • Interaction from either physical meetings or online forums
  • Access to updated and inspiring Canadian-based informative articles
  • Connections with home through social media outlets
  • Access to up-to-date expat groups by region
  • Information and details on upcoming events
  • Ability to enter into several “webinars” (seminars online)
  • Celebration of Canada Day with other natives (on the web)
  • Access to promotions, contests, discounts, and Giveaways (of Canadian brands)
  • Access to service providers arranged by area
  • Access to other expiates photo galleries

Choosing an Expatriate Community

A large number of expats seek the exciting possibilities that come with living abroad, from simply seeing the world to intending on making their way up the career ladder. For as many opportunities that are available, there are almost an equal number of problems or obstacles that will stand in the way. Vigorous research about every detail of relocation, from how it will be done to what should be expected, as well as easily accessed updated information on the new location plays an important role in a smooth transition.

Canuck Abroad combines all of the in-depth information on every potential Canadian destination, all in one efficient place. We feature a traveling forum that is super active, containing thousands of expats living the life and sharing their adventures with one another. Plus, our professional company has been shown in print, television, and radio around the world. If you need resources from a reliable provider on affordable air travel, hotel accommodations, embassies or consulates in your new area, or just about any other detail pertaining to travel or advice—we can help!

While Canadians are proud of and loyal to their country, many are also eager to see what else is out there. Staying linked to expatriate communities gives Canucks the freedom to follow their dreams, while never losing touch with their roots.