The Benefits of Expatriate Health Insurance for Canadians

Going to another country is a stimulating experience, but aside from all that excitement of living in a new place and in a land you are likely not so familiar with, it is important to get things ready i.e. your expatriate health insurance, your banking arrangements, and your vaccinations, among other things. Even though there are some people who are against vaccinations, immunization has reduced the occurrence of preventable diseases. When going abroad, whether you’re planning to stay there for good or just want to stay there for a certain period, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wherever you’re headed, you must remember that there will always be health risks -from dengue to malaria to measles to hepatitis –the list is endless. While there are no vaccines for malaria or dengue fever, there are vaccinations available for other dangerous diseases.

Worldwide Health Coverage

If you already have health insurance, it doesn’t mean that it will cover you if you are elsewhere in the world. To learn more about this, there is a need for you to ask your insurer on what you can add to your policy for you to get coverage. It is also important that you ask them if you’d be able to use your health insurance in the country you are planning to move to. Another consideration is that there’s a need to get better coverage than your usual coverage considering the health risks you will be exposed to.

You May Be Turned Away If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Not having a comprehensive medical insurance can cause you to make a U-turn after a long flight. Places like Abu Dhabi will not let you in unless you have the right kind of coverage. One has to note that having health insurance is not a luxury but a necessary thing to have not only at home but also while traveling or moving to another country.

There is a need to satisfy local health regulations. Places like Switzerland and the Netherlands will require you to get medical insurance from providers that operate in these countries. This means that you should ensure that all your visa requirements are in place before you board that plane.

Getting Expatriate Health Insurance Saves on Medical Costs

Even if you are quite healthy, having medical insurance is still a must because you’ll never know when you will fall ill. While most countries have universal healthcare services, there are still many countries that have underfunded healthcare systems which means that expatriates will have to pay for medical consultations out of pocket. While this is alright in some nations, there are parts of the world where getting healthcare from the private sector can be quite expensive.

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