How Canadian Expats in Dubai can Cope With the Intense Heat

There are many things that Canadian expats in Dubai enjoy about the city – its modern facilities, affordable goods and services, job opportunities and world-class shopping. The weather, however, is another matter. Dubai has what is known as a desert climate due to its location. Weather is generally warm and temperatures during the short winters can range from 14°C to 23°C. However, it is during the summer months when Dubai really turns it up – the heat, that is, something that hits many Canadians by surprise. So just how hot does it get in Dubai and how can you cope with the heat? Here are tips to keep you cool and comfortable:

Dress for the Part

The summer months in Dubai are from May to September and temperatures can rise from 36°C to 40°C or even higher. On hot days, wear loose-fitting garments to allow sweat to evaporate. Choose light, soft, breathable clothing made from natural fibers.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drink plenty of water or fresh juice to keep your body hydrated. If you do sports or work in a hot environment, try a sports drink to replenish lost fluids. Drinking fluids will also help keep you feeling cool which will lessen any feeling of discomfort in hot weather. Avoid drinking beverages that are known diuretics, such as soda, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Stay Indoors

Try to minimize exposure to sun and heat. Whether you are at home or at work, stay inside air conditioned rooms and buildings where you can remain cool. If certain rooms in the house do not have air conditioning, use a fan to allow cool air to circulate. Only venture outside if and when necessary. Otherwise, wait for late afternoon or early evening before venturing out.

Stay in the Shade

Dubai has air conditioned waiting sheds for bus passengers, so commuters can stay safe and comfortable in an area with regulated temperature. If you are outside for any reason, consider using one of these sheds to help you cool down and avoid hyperthermia, which can be dangerous. If you are driving a car that has been left outside for too long, turn on the air conditioning for about five minutes before going in.

Very few individuals would dare to venture outside their home or building in the middle of the day but if you find yourself out on the streets for any reason, seek some shade as soon as you can. You might, for example, consider going to a cafe or restaurant and order a cool drink or head to one of the many malls in Dubai where you can while away your time, go shopping or check out the newest entertainment centers in the area.

Take Showers Regularly

On really hot days, take a cool, refreshing shower before leaving for work or going out and another one before bedtime. Many Canadian expats in Dubai take advantage of a cool shower to help lower body temperature and avoid health risks associated with too much exposure to heat.

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