The Common Challenges Faced by Expatriate Employees

Expatriate employees are often people who have to move because the company they work for has relocated. Anyone who has had to move to another country for this reason will tell you that relocating can be very stressful. Initially the idea of working abroad may sound very appealing. But a high percentage of expatriates find it challenging to adjust to their new way of life. Here is what you can expect when you move abroad.

  • They will have to overcome the language barrier
  • Expatriate employees will have to locate a suitable home
  • There may be significant financial changes
  • It is imperative to find good health care
  • The children will need to settle into a new school
  • Expatriates will have to find a new network of friends

Challenges Faced by Expatriate Employees

If you relocate to a foreign country then you may have to learn the basics of the local language. Younger people find it relatively easy to learn how to speak foreign languages. Older people may struggle to communicate effectively. Any expatriate employee who encounters communication problems should consider enrolling in a college class to learn the language.

Finding a New Home

Finding a new home may not be too difficult. But an employee who is thinking of relocating for the foreseeable future must do their homework. The house prices abroad may be far higher than the value of your current home. If you are unable to afford to buy a home of your own then you will have to consider renting a property. Many countries provide housing for foreign employees. Expat housing can offer a fully furnished rental home that has all of the modern conveniences.

Expatriate salaries are often considerably higher. An expatriate employee package may include a substantial number of expatriate benefits. Do not automatically assume that you are wealthy. A lot of expatriate destinations have very high costs of living. If you are offered a post in another country then the company may expect you to work far harder for your higher salary.

Health Care and Schooling

Expatriates may find that they have to take out private health insurance. Employees who accept a position in another country should ensure that they make adequate provision for family health care. Health care may be part of your expatriate family benefits. The children will have to find a local school and some employers cover any fees incurred. Your child may find it difficult to adjust to foreign schooling.

Making New Friends

A lot of expats will have to find new friends to socialize with. People who move to another country can feel very isolated. All expatriate employees and their families should make the effort to become part of the local community. Expatriate Employees may find that moving overseas could be a great adventure but no one wants to be lonely.

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