The Most Common Jobs for Expatriates in Paris

One of the fastest growing trends for Canadians these days seems to be making the ultimate decision of becoming expatriates in Paris, or in any of the other numerous potential expat communities worldwide. The desire and determination to travel or relocate to an area elsewhere in the world simply isn’t enough; Canucks are urged to vigorously research the job market trends occurring in the area of their intended destination, especially those that may pertain to one’s particular field of skill, prior to finalizing any travel plans.

Expatriates in Paris (Without a Visa)

The current stipulations and procedures implemented to obtain a Visa to work anywhere in France has made this extremely hard to do, mostly for anyone that is not European. One of the only ways around this is through a sponsor company. If an individual is accepted into a sponsor’s organization, the government will issue a work Visa for that person. Though this Visa will have an expiration date, it can easily be renewed.

Common Jobs for Non-Visa Holders

A work Visa is not a requirement of residency in France; therefore many expats that are unable to receive a Visa still eagerly move to Paris and pick up smaller jobs in the meantime. Serving drinks or food at restaurants is one of the most common routes for those still working on obtaining a Visa, along with daycare providing or tutoring.


Expatriates who fluently speak English can attend a seminar provided by an organization that offers classes to further education for qualified adults (WICE). Long-term expats commonly become members of the organization, receiving course catalogs, invitations to openings or special events, and a reliable networking system that allows them to stay connected to their roots.

Expatriates with Visas in Paris

Government interference is not a factor of worry for expats that do obtain a work visa. The job market in Paris, France is not necessarily declining, so opportunities for qualified individuals are readily available. Many fields currently looking for applicants that do hold a work Visa include managing positions in sales and several other businesses, marketing and accounting availabilities, and many more.

Canuck Abroad

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