The Current Political Situation in Turkey for Canadian Expats

turkey protestsCanadian expats in Turkey are advised to not travel to parts of Turkey bordering Syria. Because of the current political climate in the region, going anywhere near the border is a security risk.

Travel Advisory

Canadian expats in Turkey and those who are planning to fly to the country are advised to exercise caution while in the Muslim state. Due to the political situation in the region, expats should be on alert. Terrorist threats and demonstrations can put you in serious danger.

Clashes and Demonstrations

Dubbed as the Turkish Spring, the cycles of conflict in the Muslim state has alarmed the Turkish government and its neighbors. While the incumbent president denies the seriousness of the situation, Turkey has been in a civil unrest for 10 days now.

The demonstrations in Taksim Square are not peaceful ones. As the BBC reported on June 7, 2013, protesters were hurling stones at the police and in response, the authorities threw smoke grenades at them.

Demonstrators May Peter Out

Analysts say that it is highly likely that demonstrators rallying for the resignation of the Erdogan will disband soon. While this isn’t exactly good news, one has to note that the Turkish government has not tampered with the internet connection in the country which means that there is a great possibility of a compromise.

The Problem

The student-led protests got the attention of the world when people started camping out in Taksim Square. They are against Erdogan’s imposition of his Islamic values to the Muslim democracy. It all started as an environment-related demonstration but later morphed into a protest against the Erdogan government. Three protesters have died for this cause while 4, 000 were injured. Another 900 were sent to jail.

It’s not just those who are in Taksim Square who are protesting though. According to a report by the Telegraph, there are now demonstrations in at least 70 cities in the country against Erdogan’s neo-Islamic policies.

Turkey Vs. Syria

Aside from the protests in many Turkish cities, the Turkish government also has to deal with Syria. It was reported by Al Jazeera that the twin bombing near the Turkish-Syrian border has left 100 people wounded and over 40 people dead.

Syria on the other hand denied that they have anything to do with the terrorist attack. Turkey welcomed thousands of refugees from Syria when the nation was already experiencing civil unrest. It has been reported that Turkey may have had a hand in supplying weapons for Syrian fighters who want to overthrow Assad. Syrian fighters are also able to cross the frontier. While some reports are contradicting, Canadian expats in Turkey are advised against traveling or going near the Turkish-Syrian border.