The Most Desirable Neighborhoods for Canadian Expats Living in Sydney

As the largest city in Australia, and one of the largest cities in the entire southern hemisphere, Canadian expats in Sydney have many options available to them for finding a great neighborhood.  With low crime rates, high employment, and relatively low property rates, there is no shortage of quality neighborhoods in the city.  Several stand out above the rest.


As one of the youngest neighborhoods in the entire capital city, Darlinghurst is a quality little village near the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Since the Kings Cross train goes into and out of the neighborhood, it makes it easy to get into the city or out to the countryside.  Ease of transportation is complemented by trendy nightclubs and great restaurants like Sushi on Stanley.


Since this neighborhood is surrounded by water, it may be a welcome choice to a Canadian from a coastal city like Vancouver or Toronto.  Ferries run to and from the different harbors in the bay, so those who work downtown or up around the mouth of the river need not drive several kilometers through the busy highways.  The London Hotel, furthermore, is one of the best watering holes in the entire city.


Though it is a bit more crowded than some of the other neighborhoods about Sydney, Glebe makes up for the lack of elbow room by the quality of its sights and shops.  Plenty of ethnic restaurants call Glebe home due to the number of immigrants who landed and set up shop.  Cafes, bars, and cantinas are popular stops for both lunch and dinner on the way into the city.  Canadians who have had little experience eating good Latin American food may find the Mexican, Peruvian, and Brazilian restaurants particularly fine.


You can tell when you get to Paddington due to the quantity and quality of flowers and outdoor gardens that decorate the neighborhood.  The terrace apartments and condos make gardening easy, even for those Canadians who refrain from the hobby due to only a few months of warm weather per year.  The Saturday market is a great way to find fresh produce or spruce up your home with decorations without having to go to one of the major malls and shopping centers of the city.  The bus lines that run through Paddington are some of the most efficient in the city, so you can be one time when you go from point A to point B.

There are few experiences better than living abroad, provided you get the facts ahead of time.  If you are a Canadian living in Sydney, you can gt more information about other expats on