How Expat Forums can Make Your Move Abroad Easier

Every year, millions of potential immigrants visit expat forums to seek advice and information about their potential destinations. Figures published by the United Nations (UN) show that there are more than 215 million expatriates all over the world today. In addition, a study carried out by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that the US, UK, and Australia attract the largest number of expats. If you decide to move abroad, it is wise to follow the same approach and use expat forums to learn more about your destination, including the following vital information:

How to Make Good use of Expat Forums

Of course, moving abroad to work or study is generally quite different from going on holiday. By using forums that target expatriates, you are likely to find up-to-date information that you may not find on a typical travel guide, which leans more heavily towards selling holiday packages. Additionally, expat forums tend to tackle difficult issues such as human rights abuse, and crime, corruption candidly. In other words, they do not sugarcoat such issues.

Employment Information

The majority of expatriates move to other countries in search of work opportunities. One way of finding out information related to employment opportunities is by reading posts on forums for expatriates. By doing so, you are likely to find invaluable information about companies that are hiring abroad, average pay packages, and education qualifications. It is often difficult to find such detailed, accurate, and verified information elsewhere.

Relocation Advice

Obviously, different countries have varying relocation policies and regulations. For example, Singapore does not allow expatriates to bring certain dog breeds into the country, including Pit bulls, Akita, and Neapolitan Mastiffs. Forums that cater to expatriates also provide information about local weather patterns as well as local and traditional customs in various countries.

Education and Schooling

Some expatriates move abroad with their families. Such people can find invaluable information about schooling and education systems in the countries they intend to immigrate to on expat forums. It is important to note that education systems and school enrollment procedures vary from country to country.

Cost of Living

It is necessary to have a good understanding of the cost of living in a new country before you immigrate there. Some of the important costs that you should understand relatively well include housing cost, transport cost, taxation, and even the cost of setting up a business in the new country.

If you have to travel abroad, either on a temporary on permanent basis, it is wise to prepare yourself thoroughly, particularly by learning as much as you can about your destination. At Canuck Abroad, we have a vibrant expat forum that offers potential expatriates vital information about their possible destinations, including information on the cost of living, employment opportunities, education, schooling, cultural and language.