What You Ought to Know About Expatriate Adoption in China

You have decided to move to China, and now that you are settled in, you’re looking into expatriate adoption in China. While this is a great idea since there are just so many orphans in this Asian nation, you’d have to deal with a lot of paperwork before you get your little bundle of joy. One has to note that because of the one child policy in China and with the Chinese preference of male children, most of the children for adoption are girls. Here are a few considerations before you proceed with the adoption process.

Wait 48 Months or More

The adoption process in China, whether you’re an expat in the Asian nation or elsewhere in the world, means you’d have to be extra patient. It would take more than a year before you can officially adopt a baby because international adoption is a very long process.

Average Costs Around $30, 000

Expenses for adoption vary but the average cost to get the adoption process going is around $30, 000. This can be a very expensive endeavor but if money is not an issue, then it’s time to file the paperwork.

Assistance from an Agency

The first thing to do is to look for a registered adoption agency in China. There’s a center for adoption in China that has an extensive list of adoption agencies in the country.

Home Study by a Social Worker

A social worker will have to take a look at your home to assess living conditions. If your home does not pass this test then it would be impossible for you to adopt. The home study also includes a few interviews that can either be done in your own home or at the agency.

Application Dossier

You will be given a long list of documents to fill up. This includes health documents, a cover letter, a background check, your taxes, photos of  you and photos of your home. The adoption agency will also require supplementary documents as well as your preferences when it comes to the child you are planning to adopt.

Wait For an Offer or Referral

Once you’ve completed your application and the home study has been done, you would have to wait for a few years. You will later be contacted by the agency with a photo of the child, his or her medical history, and other pertinent information. You can refuse the offer of course but keep in mind that another offer would not come by easily.

Complete the Process

Once you have accepted a referral, you can now finalize the adoption process. Expatriate adoption in China is a lot easier as compared to being in your home country because you no longer have to prepare for a long flight and get immunizations and other documents ready.

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