How to Find Canadian Expat Communities in London

Being in London and away from home can make expats homesick, but thankfully there are Canadian expat communities in London that you can interact with so you don’t feel alone. It’s easy to just look for Canadian communities in London through the internet if you have the time to do some research.

While there are a number of websites where Canadians interact, some expats want face-to-face conversations with fellow Canucks. To do this, one can take a look at London Expat Canadian Meetup Group.

Read Guidebooks

There are a lot of Canadian guidebook writers who have taught a number of Canadian expats in London on where to buy certain things, how to go about riding the bus, and what to expect when it comes to parking among other things. In these guidebooks, there are a lot of information one can find and this may include groups or communities you would like to interact with.

Search For Forums

There are a number of forums that one can find online, but the most reliable are the following: ExpatFocus, Expat Blog, and InterNations. Sites like InterNations requires one to register but this shouldn’t be much of a problem because by registering, you will be able to read more blog posts and get to interact with the Canadian community inside the forum.

This is one of the most effective ways of finding your fellow Canucks in London. Much like meetup groups, some forum members also hold meetups with fellow Canadians. However, one must always be cautious in such meetups.

Look For Clubs

You shouldn’t feel alone while in London because there are more Canadians in the UK capital than one can imagine. The Canadian Club of London for instance, has been around for a century. If you visit their website, you will see that there are lots of activities you can go to so you can find new friends from your home country.

Canadian clubs in general were formed in 1892. Albeit informal, these clubs created by a group of Men from Hamilton, Ontario had the aim of deepening the knowledge of their fellow Canadians about their origins. By 1906, he Canadian Club of London was formed.

Another club you can take a look at is the Canada Club. Established in 1810, the Canada Club is deemed as the most historic organization of Canadians outside of Canada. It’s been around for two centuries and has been the place to go to for Canucks in the UK. The club holds dinners annually and the great part is, membership is open to every Canadian and anyone from elsewhere in the world who wants to learn more about the North American country.

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