Learning French as an Expatriate

Learning the language of your new country the best way to get connected and acclimated to your new home. By learning the language, you can expand your circle, meeting and socializing with local residents as well as other expatriates.

Canadian expats find learning French a simple process. Canadians who have moved from Quebecois provinces find the transition simple. Even if you have never spoken a word of French, you can learn the language and start using your new skills immediately.

Finding an Expat Language Training Coach

The first step in learning French is to find a coach or program that will give you the individualized attention you need to master the language. These courses will teach you the basics of conversational French, from every day words and phrases to complex dialogue.

These French language learning courses include recorded conversations, quizzes and vocabulary drills. In many cases, you can study in your free time after work. Expat spouses find the courses effective as well. With expat language training, your entire family can learn the joys of being multilingual.

Practice Often

The key to mastering your new tongue is to practice often. Your French will be rusty at first, but as time goes on, your language skills will start to improve. Practice talking to the workers at shops, cab drivers and postal clerks. Listen carefully to the conversations of those around you and get used to common words and phrases. With a working knowledge of French, you will be better able to participate in discussions, run meetings and give presentations without the help of a translator.

The Importance of Learning French

In addition to getting ahead in business, learning French will help you adjust better to your surroundings. Whether you plan to live in the country for a few months or for a few decades, it helps to understand and be able to converse in the country’s native tongue. The expat language learning courses make learning simple and can be completed quickly on your own schedule.

Expat language courses are also helpful for spouses and children who want to learn French as well. These courses can greatly improve your child’s success in school, giving him the tools he needs to be able to follow along with his French-speaking peers. Being bilingual also helps your child feel more a part of his community, breaking down the language barrier that often isolates expat families.

Learning French will help make your transition to expat life easier. By taking an expatriate language training course, you can enjoy success in your career and personal life while living overseas. Find the right course and get started in your new language learning today.

If you are considering relocating to France, you should be prepared to take French lessons. Leaning French will make it easier for you to communicate, and get along well with the French. If feel the need to connect with other Canadian expats in France, we at Canuck Abroad can help you. We maintain a list of Canadian embassies and consulates, Canadian expat groups as well as all kinds of other travel advice.