Restaurants in England to Help Canadian Expats Feel at Home

Many Canadian expats living in Britain would tell you that Britain is a home away from home. They share a strong affinity with England because of the rich historical heritage between the two. However, if you’ve been in England long enough, you might come to a point where you would sorely miss the Canuck life. You would miss the wide open spaces and Tim Hortons and the rainless summers.

Restaurants for Canadian Expats Living in England

One way to conquer homesickness is visiting restaurants in England which serve Canadian foods. This is a good way of reconnecting with Canadian culture and meeting people who also hail from the Great White North.

The Maple Leaf

Well, just the name alone screams Canadian. And once you’ve seen the inside of this pub, the connection couldn’t be more obvious. There are hockey paraphernalia hung on the wall, a stuffed bear in a cage, and a Canadian Tire logo. They have an array of Canadian dishes such as poutine and salmon fillet in linguine pasta.

Royal Dragon

If you have been missing those cozy Chinese restaurants at home, the Royal Dragon is your best bet. It is right at the heart of London on Gerrard Street. Their bestseller is the Peking duck which has the authentic touch of Chinese cooking similar to what you can find in cities like Vancouver.


Okay, this is not really a dining place but a group of Canucks who meet up on the 22nd of each month to chat and catch up with each other. They meet at various local pubs, the latest of which is the Chapel Pub on Edgware Road. They encourage guests of Canadian descent to be part of the circle.

The Albion

This is another pub in the city of London which is popular among Canadians. They show the biggest sports events on the screens. It is close to the Blackfriars Bridge and is accessible from the four London Underground stations or “tubes” as the Brits call it.

Tim Hortons

Well, here’s some good news for you. Tim Horton has opened a branch in Central London and their brew tastes just as good. When you’re walking down the Trafalgar Square, don’t forget to visit this coffeehouse and have yourself a cuppa to reminisce a bit about home.

Advice for Canadian Expats

While it is good to be reminded of home every now and then, try not to let homesickness get the best of you. It is a healthy practice to meet with fellow Canadians living in England, but you must also learn to adapt to your new environment. This doesn’t really make you any less Canadian. After all, you can take Canadian expats out of Canada but you cannot take Canada out of them.