Tips for Connecting with Other Canadian Expats in China

Moving to a country as different from Canada as China can be both challenging and exciting, but having a way to connect with other Canadian expats in China could be an invaluable part of the experience.  With its rich culture and myriad world industries, China is appealing to expats from all over the world, and Canada is no exception.  Immersing yourself in the culture and language can be exhilarating, but when you want to connect with someone who shares a love of all things Canadian, there is no substitute for getting together with fellow expats.

Ways to Connect with Other Canadian Expats in China

As China embraces more and more of the world’s cultures while still retaining much of its own ancient heritage, the draw for a truly global population has inevitably led to the formation of organizations to help expats connect with others from their home country.  One such online organization is More of an online social network, this site is set up to connect expats with others from their country of origin.

Things to Do for Canadian Expats in China

China’s rich culture and tourist attractions will likely keep you busy for quite a while once you settle in China, but nothing could replace the love of ice hockey in most Canadians’ hearts.  Fortunately, it has been said that where there are Canadians, there will be hockey, and this is true in China as well.  Ice hockey clubs exist in many of the major cities in China and are made up mainly of expats.  For example, the Shanghai Hockey Club boasts over 100 members, mostly hailing from North America, and meets regularly to play and/or discuss all things hockey.  While the main goal is to promote hockey in China, group members also enjoy the camaraderie of being with others of like interest.

Other possibilities for ice hockey in China include the CIHL league in Hong Kong, modeled after the British Columbia Hockey League and originally formed in cooperation with the Royal Bank of Canada.  With teams representing several areas of southern China, the goal is once again to generate interest throughout China for this traditionally Canadian game.

Can Canadian Expats in China Find Traditionally Canadian Food Items?

The good news is that China is becoming more and more open to importing food items from Canada and recognizing the quality and safety of agricultural and seafood products from Canada.  For the expat, this translates into an increasingly easier time in Chinese markets for finding the types of foods that he or she had back home.  Whether your cravings are for Canadian beef, seafood or Canadian wines, you are likely going to have an increasingly easier time finding these items in China, particularly in the larger cities.

When you are ready to explore the possibility of relocating to China, our staff at can help you navigate the travel red tape and help you to determine which area in China would best suit your lifestyle and needs.  As the number of Canadian expats in China continues to grow, so too will your opportunity for blending these rich cultures and creating your own rich life experiences.