Top 5 Retirement Destinations for Canadian Expats

Looking for a beautiful country for your expat retirement? While there are a lot of places to choose from whether you’re looking into retiring in Asia, South America, or anywhere else in the world, there are a few considerations you should think about. This includes the cost of living, the general safety of the place, access to excellent health care services, and how beautiful it is. Below are the top 5 destinations for retirees.


The 22nd annual index released by International Living has ranked Ecuador as its no. 1 destination for expat retirees for 2013. This beautiful country is a great place to stay because of the very affordable cost of living. Real estate in the country is also highly favorable for retirees. According to Forbes, getting a flat right on the coast will cost a million dollars less as compared to getting one California. The country has a very vibrant history and is popular for its heritage. Its capital Quito is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Panama is not only famous for the 51-mile long Panama Canal but also for its low cost of living. With an average budget of USD 2, 000 you you can already cover for your housing, movies, dining out, and even a housekeeper. In Panama, standard cab fare from the airport would cost USD 25, but if you want a limousine service, you can pay a mere USD 88.50 according to CNN.


For those who want to live in an exotic Asian destination, Malaysia is the top choice. While it’s famous for its beaches, What really makes this nation better than its neighbors is the fact that its easy for expats to buy property in Malaysia. The cost of living is relatively low which means you can have a house or an apartment with a great view complete with a pool and a gym forĀ  USD 1, 000 per month.

Expat retirement in Malaysia is also a good decision because it is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the region.


Easy access to excellent health care is a must for seniors thinking of living in an exotic location. For those who have health issues, Medellin, Colombia is the place to be. A bustling city of 2.4 million people, Medellin is a popular destination in Latin America because it’s the home of five of the best hospitals in the region. While some parts of Colombia have a bad reputation, Medellin, Colombia is a great place to live.


Ireland, although not exactly an exotic destination, is a promising place to live in especially if you are all for the great outdoors, fishing, whiskey, museums, and old churches. With a budget of USD 2, 500 a month, one would live comfortably in Ireland.

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