Finding the Best Hostel in Milan for Traveling Canadians

best hostels in Milan While you’re staying in the best hostel in Milan; the history of this charming city will settle into you. Milan, Italy has a history that goes way back to 222 BC when the city was besieged by Rome and the Celtic tribal inhabitants were routed. Through it’s rich history since the Roman invasion; Milan has been ruled by Spain (1535 AD) and Austria (1713AD).


Milan was the capitol of Napoleon’s Italian republic when he was crowned king of Italy. Milan reflects all of the timeless abundance of it’s richly diverse cultural heritage, from its founding by the tribal Celts, it’s long span under Roman influence to it’s Spanish and Napoleonic eras. In it’s time Milan also was a financial center that rivaled Wall Street for its influence on the economies of old Europe.

Modern Milan

Milan is still the hub and wheels of Italy’s economy; it is home to the stock exchange. This city isn’t driven by tourism; Milan’s many treasures include it’s elaborate cathedral, Leonardo Da Vinci’s depiction of the last supper, La Scala opera house; but what makes Milan a must experience destination besides it’s timeless treasures and financial importance is the robust perpetual creativity in it’s DNA.

Milan is the fashion capitol of the world; Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana and a multitude of world renown fashion designers have seen their careers take off in Milan. Outside of finance and fashion Milan’s major passion is soccer, being home to AC Milan and Inter which are two of Europe’s top teams. Throw in Navigli’s beautiful by the canal cafes, the old fashioned ice creams shops and the off beat fashion design shops of Isola and you have a city that can get into your blood.

Best Hostels of Milan

Piero Rotta: Located in very close proximity to the Milan Trade fair; this hostel is in a quiet part of the city. It’s a fortuitous locale to be lodging; you’ll have access to all the city has to offer while still in position to see the rest of Lombardy. This hostel is peaceful, comfortable and provides numerous services.  The spacious well lit rooms have 6 beds and there is the option for family rooms with 2, 3 or even 4 beds. Close by are tennis courts, super markets and restaurants.

Hostel California

Hostel California is close to the Central Station and near three distinguished Universities and there is easy access to public transportation. The reception desk is open 24hrs and the staff is pleasantly eager to serve.


If you’re considering partaking in Milan’s mesmerizing charm let us handle your visa needs, passport concerns and even the trip planning process. We are well experienced to handle any travel abroad or immigration issues that may arise. Contact us; and soon you’ll be experiencing the best hostels in Milan.