The Best Hostels in Denver for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in DenverHostels might be cheaper than hotels and motels, but you still have expectations when you are looking for one. There is no universal ‘best.’ but a number of better selections to choose from. They exhibit characteristics which the discerning traveler will look for.



It might seem like an obvious quality, something every accommodation should possess, but cleanliness is among the qualities of the best hostels in Denver. The ones receiving poor reviews are frequently considered a bit grubby. If you choose a place where hygiene is not a top priority, come prepared with cleaning supplies of your own.


Of course, if you are choosing to stay in a hostel instead of somewhere grander, you are on a budget to start with. Within the price range of hostels there is still a range of prices. The greater privacy you want, the more you can expect to pay. The addition of free breakfast plus a great location could also raise the price.


The best hostels in Denver have at least the following amenities:

  • Access to internet
  • A kitchen
  • 24-hour security
  • Lockers

Extras you will often find include free breakfast, a restaurant, common room, and cable TV. Free linens might be provided, a BBQ, and a luggage storage area. If you travel with a sleeping bag, linens might not be all that critical. As a traveler seeking to eschew TV and video games, perhaps cable is not important, though the internet is a way of keeping in touch with family.


Most of the time a hostel is really handy if it is located close to what you want to do and the places you plan to go to. This means being situated in or near the center of town. Being located in downtown Denver puts a guest near the convention and arts centers, mall, transportation, restaurants, and clubs.

  • Why Are You Here?
  • Are you searching for a place to live or researching educational opportunities?
  • Have you arranged to work in Denver for a temporary period of time and aim to save money by living in hostels rather than hotels?

Business people usually want to stay connected to the internet. Families look forward to free breakfast. Individuals seeking to meet people will like the way a common room brings people together.

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