Best Hostels in Dubai for Traveling Canadians

The best hostels in DubaiUsually people who travel to Dubai aren’t wondering about the best hostels in Dubai. Dubai is the city in the desert with 7 star properties, hotels underwater in the desert, manmade islands and spinning buildings. Dubai was once a sleepy little fishing village that has morphed into a spectacle of wonder and amazement with the best pubic relations-marketing machine ever known to the tourist industry. A city in the midst of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia has made itself into a top tourist attraction; that is testament to Dubai’s state of the art public relations-marketing machine.


Best hostels in Dubai

Dubai has been called the city of ‘have nots and have yachts’, it may be the most stunning mixture of the super rich and crushing poverty in the world. The locally born Emiratis are for the most part extremely wealthy; the city was built on the labor of an immigrant working class who are largely from the sub-continent of India and less prosperous regions of the Persian Gulf.

Between the super rich Emiratis and the much poorer working class are a growing class of ex-patriots from all over the world, mostly from Europe, Canada and the U.S. who have to come partake in the modern day gold rush that Dubai offers. With all of its world class, over the top attractions and booming tourist industry Dubai isn’t quite a backpackers destination, there aren’t many hostels. Dubai seems to exist for well heeled tourists who want to be pampered hotel style. For Canadian travelers who only require bare bones lodging this article will explore what are considered the best hostels in Dubai.

HI Dubai Hostel

This hostel is about a 15 minute drive from the airport and a five minute walk to a large supermarket and mall with restaurants and fast food. Outside the mall there is a bus station. The major attraction for HI Dubai hostel is the bargain rate for guests.

Dubai Hostel and Suites

This hostel has a fortunate location near the beach. It’s a friendly place with an attentive staff. The rooms are 6 or 8 bed dorms with no mixed gender rooming. There are studio apartments available for rent. The communal room is very cozy and has an Arab culture flavor. There is a library that is well stocked and internet access availability.


We can Help you Find the Best Hostels in Dubai

If you’re considering traveling or moving to Dubai for work or for play we will be more than happy to work with you in acquiring the proper visas and port of entry paperwork. We will ensure your passport is up to date and you’ll be fully prepared for the special entry requirements of the United Arab Emirates. You may then partake in Dubai’s unique spectacular attractions all the while staying in the best hostels in Dubai.