The Best Hostels in Germany for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in GermanyCanadians travelling to Germany will want to find the best types of accommodations to suit their needs. Germany provides a wide range of accommodations, from the very luxurious to the spartan, to meet the needs of the international traveler. Canadians who wish to travel in Germany without spending a lot of money will want to know about the best hostels in Germany.



The city of Berlin is often considered to be a highlight of any trip to Europe. Berlin features exciting nightlife and a glittering array of cultural experiences.

The Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel is located in a lively neighborhood featuring many bars and restaurants that will appeal to Canadians looking for fun and good times. The hostel itself is bright, clean, and quiet. Die Fabrik is an attractive hostel created from an ex-factory in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. It has a pleasant backyard and there is a cafe nearby.


The Frankfurt Hostel is located right near the train station so it is extremely convenient for travelers. There are many inexpensive places to eat within a short distance of this hostel. You can interact with other international guests in the common areas and in the morning you can get a free breakfast.

The Elements Hostel is also located near the central train station in Frankfurt. Visitors can take part in organized walks and parties for guests. There are various types of rooms available from dorms to private apartments. Some Canadians may be put off because this hostel is located in a red light district.


If you want to take in the famous Oktoberfest in Munich in October, be sure to book your accommodations well in advance. The city is filled with tourists at this time and it will be difficult to find a hotel room or hostel unless you can pay a lot of money.


The Euro Youth Hostel offers single or double rooms in a historical building near the train station. Free wi-fi service is provided.

The Easy Palace City Hostel is located near Oktoberfest in a quiet part of Munich. It offers great international cooking in the restaurant and the opportunity to taste Bavarian beer. The public transportation system in this area is excellent.

The Meininger hostel is also near the site of Oktoberfest. Television is provided in all rooms and you can see a great view of the Alps from the terrace on the roof.

Hamburg Youth Hostel “Auf dem Stintfang” is a hostel with a wonderful view of the harbor and waterfront of Hamburg. Families enjoy staying here because the rooms are large and very clean. Near this hostel you will find the historic fish market and pier.

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