The Best Hostels in Iceland for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in IcelandIt helps to know the best hostels in Iceland when you have decided to travel abroad and when you are on the lookout for inexpensive but quality accommodations. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is important to be well prepared and not only know where you are staying but also make the trip as hassle free as possible as far as issues such as immigration are involved. So while you are looking for a good hostel, keep in mind how close you are to necessary resources throughout Iceland.


For instance, Reykjavik has several kinds of hostels throughout the city that can help with different types of travel needs. Reykjavik Backpackers is one of the least expensive hostels in the city at less than $20 American dollars per night. As the name implies, these accommodations may be most convenient for those who are primarily interested in a bed for the night. While there is free Internet access, there are no bed linens, duvets, pillows or towels provided for the rooms.

KEX Hostel also appears to be highly regarded and is just as cheap as Backpackers. However, one of its selling points is that it is located very near the heart of Reykjavik, so you can easily get to a thriving night life with bars, clubs and other music venues as well as other amenities including coffee houses, shops and other tourists attractions. The hostel also has plenty to do for guests and there are even rooms specifically for families as well as female-only dorms.

Of course, you can also find hostels outside of Reykjavik if business takes you elsewhere. Akureyri, Iceland’s capital of the north, has a relatively new facility also named Backpackers. Located right in the center of all the action, guests have access to coffee houses, restaurants and lots of other resources especially also find the laundry facilities useful as well as adapters and free city maps.


Hostels outside of Reykjavik may not be as well-known, but they do offer a unique Icelandic experience if this is important for your trip. Hella is home to Hestheimar, a quaint family-owned place that overlooks volcanoes and glaciers. Guests can stay in cottages and have a choice to use private or shared bathrooms. In addition to outdoor hot tubs, BBQ and extras like riding lessons, you can also find some useful amenities such as travel guides and books to find out what goes on in the city.

No matter where you stay, you should make sure a hostel is located near an area where you can find all the amenities you need even if it is immigration help. You should also look for a hostel that has the types of amenities you need right in the facilities from food options to Internet access. You can look to the best hostels in Iceland in order to find what you need on your trip.