The Best Hostels in Istanbul for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in Istanbul There are few places in the world that combine physical beauty, intricate culture, vast history, great cuisine, and a friendly population like Turkey does. Any Canadian hoping to travel to Istanbul without spending a lot on their lodging can choose one of the best hostels in Istanbul in order to save themselves a few loonies.


World House Hostel, Galipded Cadesi

Overlooking the Galata Mevlevihanesi whirling dervish monastery of the city, the World House sits atop a very steep but lovely cobbled stone street. With large space and good cleanliness, this hostel is one of the best for matching value with pristine rooms. Though it is nearby a mosque with five-a-day calls to prayer, it remains quiet. Visitors coming in and out will notice the traditional street performers who play on the lane nicknamed “musician’s alley”.

Sumo Cat Hostel, Ali Hoca Arkansi 9

Near the majestic Galata Tower that soars above even the tallest buildings of Turkey’s Capital, the Sumo Cat has an odd name and prides itself on such quirkiness. Owned by four natives hip to the happenings of the vibrant metropolis, this is a great site for anyone who wants to find the best clubs and restaurants in the Galata or Beyoglu region. While there are only three dorm rooms and a few double rooms, they have excellent air conditioning in the hot Turkish summer and free wireless Internet, as well as a breakfast buffet each morning.

Agora Guest House and Hostel, Amiral Tafdil Sokak 12

There are few hostels in Istanbul that give a better terrace view in the common area than the Agora. Opening onto the cobalt blue Marmara Sea, guests can eat their breakfast and sip tea while they watch the sun rise and then have a nightcap when it goes down. Ten suite doubles make it one of the larger hostels in the city and a set of dorms (including women-only rooms) make it great for larger groups looking for a break on prices. Modern features like DVD players and flat screen televisions compliment each room.

Cheers Hostel, Zeynep Sultan Camii Sokak 21

While it is situated a bit further out from the traditional tourist locations in Abkiyik Caddesi, the Cheers is furtherdown the road but no less charming. Built from a 1920s revolution era building, it boasts history as well as large, clean rooms for between four and ten people. The bar often hosts backpackers roaming across the country but also brings in entire families.


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