The Best Hostels In Moscow for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in MoscowAlthough Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the entire world to live in, there are easy ways for traveling Canadians to save their money and see the capital of Russia on a budget. Anyone looking to get very inexpensive lodging can choose one of the best hostels in Moscow in order to get rock-bottom prices without compromising their living situation.


Comrade Hostel, Maroseyka Street

Located in the Kitai-Gorod “Old Town” of the city, the Comrade features large dorm rooms and hot showers as well as twenty four hour reception for visitors who cannot arrive during business hours. With information on sightseeing around the old cities and ticket booking services, it offers a great way for visitors to get a place to sleep in between their experiences of the culture of the city.

Godzilla’s Hostel, Bolshoi Karetnyy

Located within a fifteen minute walk of the Bolsoi Theatre and half an hour from Red Square, Godzilla’s is well placed for any tourist looking to enjoy the most high-profile landmarks of the city. Two metro lines run within walking vicinity and the staff speak English, making this hostel a good choice for those who have only a little experience traveling abroad. As the largest hostel in the city, they pride themselves on their reputation and do their best to meet every customer’s needs.

Moscow Home-Hostel, 2 Neopalimovsky

Resembling an art nouveau condo more than a hostel, the Moscow Home is near the Old Arbat street, one of the original lanes of the city built some four centuries ago. This is one of the largest hostels in the entire city, who a pair of common rooms and a pair of kitchens to compliment over a dozen rooms (a total of 87 beds) with toilets. Amenities include free wireless Internet as well as coffee and tea in the morning in addition to the laundry facilities and maps of the city common to other hostels.

Chillax Hostel, 2-Y Kolobovskiy Pereulok

Marketed as a hostel that can meet the demands of young visitors coming to Moscow, the Chillax is one of the newest hostels available in Moscow, boasting a bevy of daily events including board game night and a class on cooking Russian borsh. Their staff have the inside connection to clubs, bars, museums, concerts, and restaurants that outside visitors would never have a hope of finding. With 18th century high ceilings making for a quiet atmosphere, the Chillax is great for work and for play.


Any Canadian traveling to Moscow or other regions of Russia should plan well ahead in order to make their time and money most efficient. You can get many more travel and immigration tips from if you want to plan a trip outside Canada.