The Best Hostels in Nice for Travelling Canadians

A trip to France can be made even more enjoyable when you know where to find the best hostels in Nice. International travel can be fraught with many problems including immigration as well as expenses. Looking into hostels can help you take some of the pain out of travel when you plan to spend more time out and about in the city rather than held up in a hotel.


Not only do you need to know where you can find emergency services, but you also need to make sure your hostel has the accommodations you need.

Hostel Meyerbeer Beach is one of the most popular hostels in Nice with its proximity to a full transportation network including the train station and some major bus stops, meaning you can get wherever you need to be in the city. In addition to free Internet access, this hostel also includes another amenity rare at many hostels: free towels and linens.

Meyerbeer Beach also has many other amenities for those who would like to relax a bit including a cafe, cable TV, book exchange and PlayStation. In fact, Meyerbeer Beach may be most ideal for younger travelers and those who are going to Nice in order to meet new people.  There are dorms that can accommodate ten people and a common kitchen as well as a common shower. You can also leave your valuables in individual safes and security lockers.  However, if you do plan to explore Nice on your own time, the hostel provides free maps of the city, guide books and other tourist info that may include useful information for the international traveler.

Of course, there are other hostels that are great for sightseeing and having other fun. For instance, the Victoria Meuble Hostel not only encourages travelers to get to know the city but also provides many fun activities right on the facilities. Victoria Meuble not only provides free city maps but also makes recommendations on the best beaches for sunbathing as well as some of the best places to go for those who enjoy museums and other forms of culture.

Furthermore, this hostel also provides towels and linens to guests for no additional charge. Those who are traveling for business or otherwise need to stay connected will be relieved to know that this hostel also includes free Internet and Wi-Fi services. There are also adapters and a fax service if necessary.


These are only a few of the things you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the best hostels in Nice no matter why you are traveling. You need to make sure you are taken care of with your accommodations as well as in your surroundings.  You can contact Canuck Abroad to get help in planning your trip or if you are just seeking immigration advice.