The Best Hostels in Rio for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in Rio de JaneiroFew nations of the world combine a gorgeous view of nature with a bright, lively culture and a passionate history like Brazil. Canadians traveling to Rio de Janeiro can take advantage of some of the best hostels in Rio in order to save money on booking and lodging, since the price is far lower than nearby hotels.


Safari Hostel, Praca Afonso Viseu 58

Perhaps the best location for tourists in the entire city can be found at the Safari. Nearby the heart of the city for easy access to all four quarters, the hostel is within fifteen minutes of the subway system and the downtown area, yet does not suffer from traffic or noise. Visitors can get into Santa Teresa’s restaurants or bask at the beaches of Barra da Tijuca or stroll along Copacabana’s boardwalk. The sights of the jungle, furthermore, are right to the Safari’s rear, including waterfalls and even monkeys.

Walk on the Beach Hostel, Rua Dias da Rocha 85

With near proximity to the major hub of Copacabana, the strip of shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, and white sandy beach that straddles Rio, the Beach Hostel is ideal for any tourist who wants to experience the vibrant nightlife or the unforgettable dayscapes of Rio. With wireless Internet, a lounge with cafe and bar, and a travel desk that features tours of the city, visitors need not concern themselves for the luxuries of home or to plan out their day. Twenty-four hour reception means that a late flight or cab ride does not leave you locked out of your reservation.

Stand Fast Hostel, Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro number 52

A self-described small, family-run hostel, the Stand Fast may not have the larger rooms of other locations but makes up for it with warm reception and excellent insight into the city. With rooms that can fit four, six, or eight people in addition to a trio of private rooms, the modest size does not mean that a larger group cannot take advantage of their offerings. The staff is eager to provide visitors a bit of their knowledge of the city so that they can better spend their time seeing the best sights.

Books Hostel, Rua Francisco Muratori 10

Marketed as a different hostel for different guests, this three-story house features rooms for visitors that are all decked out in contemporary Brazilian art in addition to beds and balconies. Located between Lapa and Santa Teresa, it offers bustle on the one hand for shoppers and slower living for relaxed beach-goers. A great spot for night owls and day trippers alike, the Books is a change from the ordinary.


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