How to Pack Light for Your Next Vacation

How many times have you gotten to the airport only to realize that you have the heaviest bag imaginable?  And once you start to head home, the bag is crammed full of more things that you bought along the way.  It’s a lot easier to travel when you only bring the bare essentials, but exactly how do you do that?

  • Make a list – Take note of the days that you will be gone and what you will be doing.  This will give you an idea of what clothing you will need to bring.  Then write out the outfits that you will bring down to the undergarments that you will need as well as shoes.
  • Realize that you can usually buy things when you arrive – Most countries and cities in the world have drugstores where you can buy anything that you forget, so just stick with the essentials: toothbrush and paste, prescriptions, cleansers, makeup, and hair styling.  And try to find trial sizes of these items so that you’re not carrying a full bottle.
  • Try to bring only two pairs of shoes – Shoes take up a lot of space as well as weigh a lot in your bag.  Try to bring only two pairs – one on your feet and one in your bag.  Women can bring dress shoes in their bag and walking shoes on their feet.  If you’re concerned about safety restrictions, pack two pairs of shoes and wear a pair of flip flops to the airport.
  • Don’t bring anything you won’t use – Even if you think that you’re going to read all ten books that you want to bring, only bring half what you think you need.  If you should run out of things to read, you have an excuse to head to the local bookstore.
  • Buy a smaller suitcase – When you have less room to pack in, you will end up bringing fewer things.  Try to find a suitcase that is only big enough for a carry on and then you’ll also ensure that you won’t be losing your bag when you arrive.
  • Use the mail – When you need to bring heavier items or gifts, be sure to utilize the postage system to get them there without a struggle.  Instead of lugging everything in your bag, the gifts or items can land in your location ahead of time, saving you stress and luggage weight.