Keeping your Children Safe on Vacation

If You Have Children, Here’s How to Keep Them Safe on Vacation

While you don’t want to think that anything bad is going to happen on your next vacation, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. When you’re a parent, the safety of your child is one of the primary concerns that you should have when you’re on vacation. And here’s what you can do to keep your child safe:

  1. Always keep your eyes on your child – It should go without saying that you need to always be looking out for your child when you’re on vacation. If you like, you might want to get a bracelet that attaches your child to your wrist or always hold their hand. Try to focus on knowing where they’re standing or playing during every moment, or have someone else that you trust watching out for them.
  2. Check the references of chosen child care – If you choose to leave your child in the hands of another be sure that you know their certifications are up to date and legitimate. When you’re on a cruise, for example, take the time to research the childcare accreditation ahead of time to be sure that you trust these workers with your precious child. Even if you sign up for child care, arrive, and then have a bad feeling about the place, you can always keep your child with you. Trust your intuition.
  3. Write down what your child’s wearing each day – You can also take a picture of your child every day. This will give you an accurate picture to use in the case of your child going missing. While this sounds a bit paranoid, having a current picture is one of the things many parents do not have and it is crucial for identification. At the worst, you’ll have a lot of pictures of your child when you get home.
  4. Have their medical records with you – If you can, try to scan a copy of your child’s medical records onto a flash drive or a CD to take with you on a vacation. In the event of a medical emergency, local doctors will be able to access the child’s medical history quickly.
  5. Don’t have your child wear anything with their name on it – A stranger can easily lure them away when it seems that they know the child’s name. Before a vacation can be a great opportunity also for a talk about how to deal with someone that they don’t know.

Chances are good that your child will never be in any trouble, but with these tips, they are certain to have a better shot of avoiding it altogether – long after the vacation is over.