The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Fly Over the Holidays

Going home to visit relatives or friends is a common reason for flying during the holiday season. But when you think about the stress of travelling, along with the time you need to spend, it seems like it might not be worth it. Here are ten reasons to reconsider flying over the holiday season:

1. The crowds are huge – In all honesty, the crowds during the holiday season are the biggest of the entire year. Everyone wants to go visit someone or go to an exotic locale.Insanity at the airport!
2. The prices are high – Unless you’ve booked your tickets far in advance, you’re probably going to pay more at this time of year than you might at any other time of year.

3. Customer service reps are exhausted – When these poor employees have already dealt with ten other unhappy customers, they might be too exhausted to help you as best they could.

4. The weather is tricky – Unless you’re flying from one warm place to another, you might run into snow, rain or other inclement weather conditions, causing delays and cancellations.

5. There are higher rates of cancellations – Because there are more flights scheduled for this time of the year, there’s a higher probability of your flight being cancelled.

6. There are higher rates of bumping – Since airlines want to book these flights in order to get more money, they’re going to overbook them in hopes that some will cancel. But who cancels their holiday plans at the last minute? Not many people.

7. You’re going to be exhausted – What’s the point of arriving at your friends’ or family’s house only to fall asleep or be grumpy?

8. Trains have fewer hassles – Without the long security lines, high prices, or gas fill ups, you can get from one place to another refreshed and maybe even ready for that holiday party.

9. Cars are easier – Even though you might be worried about traffic, if you’re willing to drive during the night or early in the day, driving will be less of a pain.

10. People can come to you – After all, why should you be the one flying everywhere? It’s a lot easier to pick someone up at the airport.

Or what you could do is make sure to fly a few weeks after the holidays to still celebrate, but at a slightly less stressful pace. In fact, it might just become your new tradition. Christmas in January, anyone?