Top 10 Ways to Find the Cheapest Airfares

With skyrocketing (no pun intended) prices on travel, it’s becoming more of a game to find cheap airfares these days. But there are still ways to do it.

Here are the top ten ways that you can find airline tickets without the heavy fares:

1. Shop early in the morning – It sounds silly, but the early bird definitely gets the worm. Airlines post their best prices around 6AM PST.
2. Shop on Tuesdays or Wednesdays – Airlines know that many people are shopping for their airline tickets on Mondays, so they wait to lower their prices until these days.
3. Buy at the last minute – Now, this can also work against you, so it all depends. Airlines like to send their planes off with a full cabin, so to do this, many airlines will dramatically reduce their flight prices in the days leading up to the flight. However, if there aren’t many seats, the prices can go up.
4. Buy far in advance – While you might get a deal when you wait until the last minute, some people just can’t do this. Maybe you have certain vacation times that you can take or you just like the security of having your tickets now. Buying about six months in advance can secure your seat as well as a low fare.
5. Travel at night – Since most people avoid the redeye flight, you can cash in on their empty seats. Airlines want to fill up their planes, remember?
6. Travel first thing in the morning – Again, just like travelling at night, if you travel when no one else wants to, you will get a better deal.
7. Travel out of season – Depending on where you want to go, you are much better off travelling when no one else is. This means that you should travel anytime BUT during spring break or holidays.
8. Land nearby – When you fly to a location that is close to where you want to be, but not the final destination, you can save money on your airline ticket. The money that you save will more than cover the rental car you were going to rent anyways.
9. Go to a travel agency – Sometimes it pays to talk to someone in person. Not only do you get exactly what you want, but they can also find the best deals.
10. Look at more than one website – Most people think that if they look at one website, they’ve seen it all. However, you may be able to find better deals with different sites because airlines have varying deals with them.