Top Ten Ways to Get Your Money Back from a Flight Problem

There are flights that go wrong, horribly wrong. Maybe you’ve gotten bumped from a flight or lost your ticket only to be charged once again for the same flight package. Or maybe you had problems with your baggage and your connections as well as the flight crew. In any case, as a consumer, you have the right to complain, and here’s how you might be able to get reimbursed for your troubles as well.

Know your rights as a traveller, and use them to your advantage

1. Check to see who’s at fault – Before you start any escapade into complaining, you need to clearly outline what happened and what role you might have had to play in it. If you may be at fault, you might not want to pursue it.
2. Talk with customer service – Find the corporate line for your airline and talk to a customer service rep about the situation. They are trained in handling your kinds of complaints and can help you find resolution.
3. File a complaint on the company website – Try listing your complaint on the company website under their customer service menu option. However, this is the longer route to resolution as hundreds and hundreds of people use this option every day.
4. Write a letter to the airline – By sending a certified letter to the airline’s corporate headquarters, you will know that your complaint has gone directly to those that should be able to do something about it.
5. Keep records of the problem – Whether you had troubles with your ticket or were injured during the flight, you need to keep records of what happened as well as any receipts or documentation to support your case.
6. Write down names of who you spoke with – If you’re talking to numerous people over the phone and internet, you will need to start keeping a log of when you called, what you called about, and who you spoke with.
7. Be consistent with your complaint – You need to be able to repeatedly call the airline with your complaint in order to be taken seriously in some cases. If you’re calling about something that happened three years ago, that might not be taken as seriously as something that just happened yesterday.
8. Write into a travel columnist – There are many travel columnists that specialize in getting refunds for dissatisfied flyers. While this doesn’t always work, as a last resort, getting publicity for the airline’s error can be a great way to get your problem taken care of.
9. Talk to your travel agent – If you booked your flight through an agency, you will want to talk to them about finding the right people that can help you get your money back – or the agency itself might be able to do so.
10. Ask – It’s surprising how often dissatisfied travellers ask for something in return for a problem and then receive it. It never hurts to just ask.