Travelling with Older Children

One of the best ways to keep connected with your family is to travel on a vacation together. Whether you have older or younger children, this can be a great way to reconnect with everyone in a place that’s outside of the everyday. When you’re able to travel with your older children, this becomes a little different. Some of these children may be married or living with partners, causing your vacation plans to be a bit more difficult to coordinate. However, it’s certainly not impossible.

First of all, you’ll want to talk or sit down with your children to see what kind of time they have and what they want to do. This will help the both of you determine just what is possible and what complications there might be. For example, your child may not be able to meet you in the desired location until later in your vacation time, or they might want to only be on the vacation for a limited time. By sorting out these scheduling conflicts, you will be able to start planning the fun stuff.

The fun things begin when you start to map out what you will want to do in your destination. Things like touring certain attractions and trying new activities are a great way to bond with your children as well as their spouses. However, you will also want to plan separate trips in which each part of the family can have their privacy. This will allow you both to not feel suffocated by your togetherness as well as do the things that the others may not want to do.

Traveling with older and younger children can be a great way to re-connect.

Older children can be an asset to a vacation when you have younger children that need to be watched over as well. Another set of eyes is always helpful, especially in crowded areas or when mom and dad just want to head out for a night on their own. However, this works both ways, as any grandchildren might like to stay with their grandparents as well for a relaxing time for their parents.

Another thing to consider when traveling with older children is creating a time when the entire family will be together. For example, you may wish to always meet for breakfast or dinner in order to regroup for the day. Or, you might want to share a hotel room or rental house in order to have some togetherness, but then plan your days separately to give each group the chance to have their ‘own’ vacation.