What Will You Do When Airfares Go Up?

What Will You Do When Airfares Go Up?

With rising worldwide gas prices and the ever increasing competition of the airfare market, experts are predicting that we will see a dramatic increase in the fares that are offered to travellers. Will this make you hesitant to fly or will you cope with it in another way? Here are some of the reactions that experts are predicting.

For one, some travellers may opt for cheaper modes of travel: cars, trains, cruises, etc. However, it might be good to note that these methods of travel are also gas-reliant and thus could rise in cost as well. When travelling, take into consideration the travel time that you will be spending to arrive at your destination as well as the cost. While it may be cheaper to go by train, it might also take you two additional days to begin your ‘actual’ vacation – and that may not be worth the savings.

Another option that travellers have is to start looking for fares that are cheaper, usually those that aren’t in high travel times. People may not be flying as much for the holiday seasons or may opt for more red-eye flights that allow them to reduce the overall price. You can also find a number of flights that include multiple stopovers in order to reduce the price as well. Of course, adding more stops to your flight can also cause problems when it comes to delays and cancellations, but these kinds of situations aren’t as common as you think.

You might also want to cut down on other vacation costs if you can’t get around the higher airfares. For example, you might travel to places where you can stay with a friend or family member, instead of heading to the local hotel. You might travel via public transportation instead of renting a car. Others might look into a cruise vacation as you don’t have to pay anything more (in many cases) than the original ticket price. Still others will opt to purchase their own food or only eat in a restaurant once a day or every other day.

You can also look for airline miles programs that will allow you to accrue miles to exchange for free tickets or ticket far reductions.

But in the end, most travellers will simply pay the higher fares and not be happy about it. However, air travel is still the fastest way to get anywhere, and sometimes the only way to arrive at certain destinations. And while we might not be happy, there’s simply not of choice in the matter.