A few questions about resumes/CVs

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A few questions about resumes/CVs

Post Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:09 am

I was updating my CV just now and I'm not sure about a few things:

1) Is it ok to include my citizenship status on my CV? I know that you don't want to include personal information, however I'm assuming this particular bit of info is ok as it shows I'm able to work in the UK without a visa? Well, for now. Let's see what happens later this month.

2) When listing previous work experience, should I add the location as 'city, province, country' or just 'city, country'?

3) Should I add the address where I will be staying in the UK or add my current address here in Canada? I'm a bit conflicted about this, I'm afraid my CV won't even be looked at if I don't have a local address but I don't want to lie about my current whereabouts.

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