Doha Schools for Western Expats

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Doha Schools for Western Expats

Post Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:20 pm


I'm moving to Doha for the fall of 2014 and would like some info on schools. If possible I'd like the discussion to focus on personal experiences with the school your child is currently in, and not a bashing of schools they are not in (I've lived in the UAE: been there done that!)

My hope is to be able to take any information in order to prioritise which schools we'd most like our kids to end up in (provided there are spots available!). Curriculum isn't a big factor for us: I'm looking more for schools that let kids be kids, that have a high English-speaking demographic (multiculturalism is most welcome!), with great teachers/administrators and the opportunity for me to be part of my child's educational experience through volunteering and whatnot. BTW, my children are 7 and 5.

Any input would be greatly appreciated - I seriously need all the help I can get right now!!!

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