The Sheikh Zayed Private School for Girls

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The Sheikh Zayed Private School for Girls

Post Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:30 pm

I am very interested in teaching in the UAE. I heard that the Sheikh Zayed School is reputable. Anyone recommends this school or maybe another one??
another thing..Is anyone familiar with the salary at that school?
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Sheikh Zayed Prvt Schl

Post Thu Jan 20, 2005 4:28 am


I have a friend here, Canadian, who teaches at this all girls school. While the salaries are incredibly attractive, with housing included, it is a very local-oriented school.

The curriculum is Ontario's curriculum, but the every day style of education in the school is decidedly Emirati. The school itself is a gorgeous building, but for real hard working Canadian teachers, this school can provide a frustrating environment. The girls are all litle Sheikhas and trying to teach like you would in North America is not easy. It can be very frustrating. If you can deal with teaching incredibly spoilt children and children who are bred to believe that they are better than you, and if all you want is the salary, then this school might be right for you..... That's not to say that my friend is running for the hills in anticipation of leaving, but she is beginning to look around to find other places in town to work.

Good luck.
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also inquiring about shiek Zayed all girls private school

Post Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:26 pm

Hey there, I saw you posts and was like wow, that's the place I've contacted as well. It's a long story but I got a contact of a Toronto private school (Mabin) maybe that is connected with Shiek Zayed private girls school.
So anyways I was wondering since this was posted awhile ago did you take the job there, and if so what's it like?

Also expatmitch you said that your friend was getting a really nice salary, and accomodation. I have been looking at a lot of websites, and forums and I am hoping for specifics, many job postings same negotiable. I realize there maybe a range for salary based on qualifications and experience. I did my undergrad in Geography, taught in Japan (ESL) and am just finishing my Masters of Science in Education and I did my research in Second Language Learning.

Could you also tell me where the school's located, and what that area is like for making friends, clothing restrictions, entertainment, ability to save money.

I hope you both will respond, I'd really appreciate your input.
Also is teaching at any other school much better for the attitude of the students?

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:58 am

Hi Angie78, sorry this is so late in response. I don't have details of exact salary. The school has recently changed owners and is run by a British operation "GEMS" now. I am not sure how much longer the Canadian (Ontario) curriculum will be at the school. Things are changing there and are not stable really. I would not recommend anyone actually seek employment there because of the instability of ownership and leadership at the school. They seem to go through principals like crazy and now a british woman is in charge (though, she may be nice, I don't know her at all).

That being said, the school looks like a shopping mall, it's gorgeous. My friend left out of frustration of the admin changing, and not being able to do the best job she could given the nature of the clientele and the ongoing changes in the school. Things were very unstable there.

Salary was very decent. I think my friend was making 12,000 dirhams a month, and had a free apartment. But that was with the old owners. I have no idea if it's changed now or not. At school you had to dress respectably (no knees, shoulders exposed). Only females are allowed in the school. Men stay in the outer office. Dress in Abu Dhabi is fairly relaxed, everyone wears what their comfort level affords. If you don't mind being gawked at you can wear shorts and tank tops, but you will be stared at. I dress pretty normally. When I go out I have capri pants and normal tee shirts (no shoulders showing). I have seen all sorts of dress style here is more conservative here than in Dubai.

For more accurate information about the school you need to contact people directly from the school and ask. But doing that before applying to the school for employment might not provide you with much information!

Good luck in your hunt.
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Post Sat Mar 11, 2006 1:00 am

Oh I had no idea GEMS was taking it over.
I've heard a lot of good things about GEMS.
Aside from that though, I can tell you that pre-GEMS, yes, the salaries were pretty darned good. But they were also a lot higher than you would get in any other school. EVERYONE was trying to get hired there because of the hours and the salaries. In other schools you'll be looking at about 5,000 dirhams to start (give or take dpending on the school and your qualifications and experience) but of course, you'll also get the accommodation and the annual airfair. That's the norm.

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