canadian student on leave of absence

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canadian student on leave of absence

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I am an older (50 yrs) Canadian graduate student at a US university who has taken a long time writing my dissertation. I am married with 3 children whom we homeschool. One of the kids is a US citizen. We own a house in the USA (cheaper than renting for the duration of grad school). We don't own a house in Canada, but have regularly spent our summers at my family's cottage in Canada. I may have to go on a leave of absence. If I do, my visa will expire. I would like to continue to live in the USA until I finish writing my thesis (it would probably take one year to finish). My family and I would have to go back to Canada and re-enter as a visitors. We don't plan on staying long-term. I want to stay in the USA (or more accurately re-enter to the USA) to finish in order not to have to move twice (once back to Canada while finishing the thesis, again when I get a job somewhere else in Canada). Is there a reasonable expectation that we would be allowed to enter with this intent?
Thanks for your responses.

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