Planning on moving to Denmark, advice please!

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Planning on moving to Denmark, advice please!

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I've recently decided I want a change, to "go on an adventure". This being said, after some research I've decided on Denmark (I've also thought of Sweden, and Finland).
I'm 20 years old, I have a diploma in Social Services and I would like to get my bachelors of Social Work while I'm living in Denmark.
My boyfriend who would be moving with me has a 3 year diploma in Computer Engineering and Technology.

I'm wanting to get some information from others about .... well everything.
- How do you like living there?
- Is it expensive? Food, rent etc compared to Canada (if you respond to this, where abouts in Canada are you from? I'm from a small place so its cheap here)
- Are the people nice?
- Where is a nice area to live?
- How hard was it to find a job?
- How is the winter? Is it like our Canadian winter? (Again, if you could tell me where abouts your from that would be awesome. I've lived in a number of different places all over Canada including Yellowknife which is cold.)
- As soon as you move to Denmark, do you qualify for all of the opportunities offered? (Free Health Care, Free Education, 52 Weeks Maternity leave etc?

- Do you like living there? is there another place that you recommend looking into? Why?

- What happens if I get pregnant while living in Denmark?
- Can you also tell me some other interesting things that Denmark offers, activities, fairs, etc.

So far, these are all the questions I have, more will come soon.

I completely appreciate all the information anyone can provide me.
All opinions are appreciated and taken into consideration!

Thank you so much!

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