Have job offer.. what is a reasonable pay for Germany?

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Have job offer.. what is a reasonable pay for Germany?

Post Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:34 pm

I feel fortunate to have a job offer at an IB school in Germany. I am a qualified teacher with 9 years teaching experience and alot of it overseas, and now I have a job offering with a few last minute conditions to be looked at, but the offer is 2500 euros a month. My question is : how is this for a professional pay in Germany? I make more here in Canada and have to give up a job for this, but want to be there with my girlfriend and I think it is alot more difficult for her to find work here.
So it seems good, but how about taxes and then I guess I still have to pay Cdn. taxes too. But how is the cost of living there since I figured it is about $3500 cdn. a month which can work here, but not sure what deductions to expect.. that is a net pay not gross that they are offering.. so before deductions.. I have yet to talk to them to ask questions so I am just putting it out there for some feedback.

thanks in advance.

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