German work visa

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German work visa

Post Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:44 am

I would be very gateful if anyone could help me.

I am looking to move to Germany in December, and although I lnow I can be there for three months without and issue, could someone please confirm I can indeed apply for residency, AND work visa once I am already IN Germany?

I do not want to have to go back to Canada ( I am currently in the UK) to do this process.
Different websites mention different answers for visa application for Canadians, this is frustrating.
I am desparate to know if, quite simply put, I can move to Germany, apply for a work visa within the country, and then start looking for work?

Thank you so so so much for anyone that can help.

Many thanks.
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Re: German work visa

Post Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:08 am

Hi, I have dual citizenship Romania-Canada and currently living in Germany. As a Canadian you can come in Germany and start looking for work, while here, during your 90 days allowed to stay without a visa. If you find a job you can ask for a work permit and with a job you can also apply for residency. As a Canadian you cannot get your residency without a job in Germany. What can you do if after these 90 days you can't find a job? Well, another fellow Canadian said that he went in Switzerland which is not an EU member and once back in Germany he got another 90 days to stay and consequently, the right to look for a job. My guess is that if this is true you'll need to take a flight cuz if you drive or take the train it is very possible that you'll not have your passport stamped with the new date of entry into Germany, as the customs officers check people randomly, only. At the airport they check everyone.
Me I got my residency with the Romanian passport which was easy as Romania is an EU member.
Hope this helps.
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Re: German work visa

Post Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:18 am

Hello Rollingstone:
I was exactly in the same situation as you are right now: Canadian living in UK (with Tier 1 UK Visa) and looking for work in a better economy than the British. So, I found a job in Germany. I managed to get all my papers after hitting some walls to work in Germany.

The answer is not easy. It all depends on each situation. I will try to explain why you have so many answers:
If you are between 18-35 years old, you can get the Youth mobility working visa really easy. Come to Germany, find a job and get your visa in the German office (i will explain which one later). You can be up to 90 days but for €60 you can extend your stay...

If you are older, then you have some options:
1.- Get a contract / free-lance job. That is what i did considering that I am IT. After paying a relocation agent who help me to sort everything out, i got my residence permit and working visa (two documents in one) in two weeks. You can not work before getting the working visa, but i guess you can do a business trip, work and by the end of the two weeks, you will get your visa before even getting paid. the only catch is to have a "Cient support letter" from your client. that is not a big deal. it just says that the company is looking for your skills and was not able to find the right people in EU. They do not have to proof anything, just write the letter.

2.- Get a full time, in that case there are two options: Your employer will have to fill up some forms and then, you need to have your university degree, and few more documents and you will get your working/residence permit in less tan a month. That is the OLD process.

3.- Get a full time, but this time apply for the BLUE CARD, a new process that initiated in August 2012. It is not very well known, but it is the recommended process by the German authorities. The only condition is to find a job that pays more than €38.000

Now, in order to get the right information in google, you have to look for the right words:

Ausländeramt / Ausländerbehörde is the office that study the papers. there is one in almost every city. you can go there, get many possible answers and waste your time. They are nice, but the answer changes based on the person that you talk to... Advice: pay a relocation agent.

You will need a health insurance, diploma translated to German, CV translated to German, etc.. get the help from a relocation agent, pay some one (1K) and let them do everything... I went to four different Ausländerbehörde (Munich and Frankfurt) and i got the wrong process everytime. When i went in company of the relocation agent, i did not even have to open my mouth at all. The guy did the talking and i just put my experience, my money and my face for the picture.

Send me a Private message, i have a list of people: insurance, translators, immigration officers, relocation agents, etc... Do not struggle with English or German. just let them do the chatting...

Good luck! German is nice.... way more Canadian than UK. It is really sad thatthey speak German :)
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Re: German work visa

Post Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:58 am

Wow Diego! Thanks a lot for the help!

So I should go and apply for the youth mobility working visa since I'm 28 years old.

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