Need Some Advice please

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Need Some Advice please

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I currently have a youth mobility visa for germany. It expires October 10th 2013. My passport expires January 10th 2014. So they could only give me a visa up to 3 months before it expires. have been in europe for 8 months now. And want to stay longer then october. I do not want to fly back to canada then wait 6 months then fly back to europe.

If i renew my canadian passport do i lose my visa? Is there any way to extend my visa. I think i will have to leave europe or atleast the schengen zone the day i get the new passport.

My goal is to keep travelling europe and aborad without flying back to canada because it is so expensive. I also want to work in germany right now. So is it possible to extend my visa based on teh fact that i Have a job if i get one?

Can you guys give me any advice?

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