Need help! Anyone had their residency determined for tax

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Need help! Anyone had their residency determined for tax

Post Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:10 am

Just wondering if anyone have had their residency determined for tax purposes, and can possibly give me some advice on this?

I know there is a tax treaty btwn Canada and Germany which states that my income cannot be double taxed. My main source of income is in Germany, and I still have rental income in Canada. it seems like I need to fill in a NR73 form to get my residency determined.

There have been quite posts regarding this, but unlike most ppl, i actually want to be seen as a deemed residence of Canada for tax purposes...

I moved to Germany towards end of last year, and started working right away. Since I have stayed for more than 183 days in Canada last year, i guess I am a deemed residence for tax purpose in 2012.

This year is a little difficult, since I have been in Germany for the entire year. To sum up my situation:
1. I plan to move back to Canada after 1-2 years.
2.I own a condo in Canada, which I am renting out in the meanwhile.
3. I kept my bank accounts, credits cards in Canada and still use them regularly.
4. I did not get a DL in Germany, and I am keeping my DL in Canada and it is still valid.
5. I think my Ontario Health Card is still valid for another 3 years.
6. I left my furniture in Canada, and have lots of things in storage.
7. I can possibily have a guaranteed job when I return to Canada. ( Do I have to prove this by show some kind of a contract?)
8. I have no kids, no family. So I guess I dont have any dependence in Canada.

Would anyone have some insight to whether I will still be a "deemed resident" in Canada for tax purposes? Thanks in advance!

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