Shipping belongings vs. buying new

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Shipping belongings vs. buying new

Post Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:10 pm

My family will be moving to Hamburg from Vancouver for a two year contract for my husband's job. We have heard that shipping belongings is very expensive (though we have not gotten price quotes ourselves yet). Wondering if anyone could provide us their thoughts on the cost comparison between shipping belongings from home vs buying what we need when we arrive. Both options seem a little daunting and expensive!

Thank you for your insights:)
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Re: Shipping belongings vs. buying new

Post Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:09 am

we are in a similar situation but moving from Berlin to Vancouver for about the same time. We are selling everything here and buying there. If you don't mind using used Stuff you can buy everything here for a very low price. Otherwise there are many Stores where you can buy all you need without having to sell your soul.
I was actually here looking for somebody from Vancouver coming to Berlin and willing to swap a couple of things we will have to give away (or throw away) and buy again over there! We are selling all the big things like car and furniture but all the little things like Kitchen stuff we'll be using till the last day, we will have to throw away. It's a shame you're not coming to Berlin because I know how it is to start from the very first spoon. You could have had a couple of things!

Anyway I wish you all the best in Hamburg and an awesome time in Germany!

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