Youth Mobility Visa Germany, letter of motivation

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Youth Mobility Visa Germany, letter of motivation

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Hi everybody,

my boyfriend is currently trying to get his YMA Visa to live with me in Germany for a year and he's not sure what to write in his letter of motivation. On the official webpage it just says "signed letter of motivation, travel plans etc " Has anyone here written this letter before? How detailled do the travel plans have to be? And can he mention me as a reason for coming to Germany or might his having a german girlfriend become a problem since the visa is for tourism and cultural exchange?

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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Re: Youth Mobility Visa Germany, letter of motivation

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I applied for my YMV last Friday and what I wrote for mine was very basic. It was about 5-6 sentences long saying I wanted to travel around and then settle in whichever city interests me. I also phoned in to the embassy to double check what their requirements are but it's really not much. They seem to make it very easy for anyone with the proper documents to get the YMV.



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