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I am a Canadian teacher who is looking to move to Germany around/after January 2009. I have been to Northern Germany (Niedersachsen) countless times, I speak German fluently. I am trying to find as much information I can about obtaining a teaching job in either an international school or English Kindergarten. I hold a German passport. Places I am intersted in are: Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg and possibly Berlin. I would consider other areas, but those are my first picks. I would very much appreciate any information and help! Thanks! Elke

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I just re-read my post.....I meant to write January 2010, but I am sure you realized that! ooops! haha
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There are plenty of job postings for international kindergardens... especially in Munich. They all offer contracts too and such. Most want people with experience or familiar with the 'montessori' method. But a kindergarten shouldn't be hard to find! higher level schools might be harder, without having written the german staatsexamen.

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