Moving to Germany to find work.

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Moving to Germany to find work.

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I know there was post here about moving to Germany but its 5 yrs out of date. So I had some questions in regarding to move there and do some work for a bit. Currently I'm a photographer for a newspaper and love what I do but right now its gone stale for me and I feel I lost my creativity and drive. I would like to pick up any job what so ever and on my time off work on whats important with a different environment. Anyways blah blah blah ... What I do want to know is do I need to get work permits before going? Or do I get them when I arrive in Germany. My other question is do I need a visa? How long can I stay once I get work, is there a limit? I did look at a few websites but I can't seem to get a straight yes or no simple answer.
Thanx so much!
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Re: Moving to Germany to find work.

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first off, of course you need a visa to work. it will depend on what job you want/get. without an employment contract you'll probably have to do freelance work. you can get it once in germany, btu its much safer to get it before you come, because of processing times. It will probably only be good for a year. 2 maximum. I would suggest applying at home for a YMA visa if you are under 35, under section D for a year. It gives youflexability to do any job for a year, and that gives you time to find something else or decide what you want to do more permanently.
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Re: Moving to Germany to find work.

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Wow I'm glad I stumbled across this thread, Im planning on moving to germany and my biggest concern was the working permit as my friend has already agreed to host me.

Thanks for the YMA info.
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Re: Moving to Germany to find work.

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Hello All,

I have been living and working here in Germany for over 1 year now. I originally came over on a the Youth Mobility Act. I am not sure if you are familiar with it but I will outline the basics.

Germany and Canada have a bilateral agreement that allows those aged 18-35 to have a working holiday visa. Now the nice thing about the agreement with Germany in particular is that it is possible to get one without any form of employment lined up and without any post-secondary education. The second is one that is for those with a degree already.

Do a search on the Canadian and German governments website for more information and feel free to private message me.

Best of Luck,


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