Canadian in Germany - work visa (graphic design/advertising)

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Canadian in Germany - work visa (graphic design/advertising)

Post Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:00 pm

Hey, random people reading this,
Recently I've been lining up a job in Germany with a fairly large international company. Just hoping I can get some advice about getting a work visa for Germany.
I've been doing some research, and I don't think I qualify for a Youth Mobility Visa, as i (luckily) still qualify. However, it specifies that you *must* have a return flight booked, and *must* have an understanding of the German language... this job would be long term, and came up somewhat unexpectedly, so i have no real knowledge of the language (although i obviously would intend to learn) and wouldn't have a return flight...
Looking at the requirements for a more permanent work visa it mentions a university degree being required... now, I have a college diploma, which is pretty standard for the field I'm in (graphic design) and am somewhat concerned about a visa application being derailed by this fact (although, at the time i was doing my education there were zero options for getting a degree in my field in canada)... if my perspective employer were to sponsor my visa application would this be an issue?
any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Canadian in Germany - work visa (graphic design/advertising)

Post Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:48 am

I will tell you first hand that a return flight is not required nor it a working knowledge of the German Language. I have been in Germany for 1 year now and I get by just fine. I am currently working on getting my Youth Mobility visa extended. I think the German Gov't is more or less concerned with whether or not you can support yourself in everyday life.

I have a decent enough understanding of German now but I still don't speak fluently. I am working as a Bartender in an Irish pub in a community surrounded by a large number of American Forces.

Being able to speak German will help you so I suggest you start learning now. However, many Germans have a very good base with English.
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Re: Canadian in Germany - work visa (graphic design/advertising)

Post Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:22 am

Hello everybody,

I am also moving to Germany in March, and planning to apply for Youth Mobile visa. If somebody please please can answer me, how much money should I have in my account. I am planning to stay there for one year. I would appreciate it very much if someone can answer me that.

I also want to share a story with you all:

A friend of mine moved to Germany a year ago. She went backpacking with couple of friends and fell in love with Berlin and decided to use up her 3 month visitor visa. She managed to find a company that offered her a job and she clearly received a work permit. But, she had to ask for a tourist visa extension before her work permit kicked in. I just wanted to say that lots of people go to Germany without work permit ( according to her), and manage to stay.

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Re: Canadian in Germany - work visa (graphic design/advertising)

Post Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:04 am

Just a quick question about the youth mobility visa.
You have to have insurance for the year you will be in Germany, should it be from a Canadian company or a German one? I have emailed a German company about getting insurance from them and they require proof of a job, which I don't have yet.
Help me please?

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